Saturday, January 30, 2010

First Update from Africa

Let me start off by letting you know this is Erin's lovely sister Summer, not Erin herself but I am Erin's voice for now so hopefully that's not too much of a disappointment to any of you for now. Due to Erin's location deep in the African jungle (okay, I just made that up!) but truly due to the location of Erin's training center near Pretoria she will be out of contact for at least two months.

I will update this blog whenever my family hears from Erin (i.e. snail mail)

Erin was allowed to call to let us know she made it safely to Africa. Here is the e-mail from my mom, though Erin couldn't speak for too long:

We heard from Erin at 7:40 this morning and it was 4:40pm in South Africa. They are 9 hours ahead of us. From the time the group arrived at the airport in Washington DC until they arrived at the women's college north of Pretoria where they are staying, Erin said it was 26 hours. By the time Erin called they had already had a day of classes. They were given calling cards and had gone into a nearby town where they were calling from pay phones. So our conversation was fairly brief. There will be 3 months of training. The first week is at the college (pictures on this blog). The next 2 months they will move in with host families and the last month of training will actually be at the location they are to serve. It looks like she will not have Internet or cell service for we don't know how long. She sounded really good.

That is all from here for now but I will post as often as news comes in from my beautiful and brave sister!


Ash said...

I miss Erin! But I am glad she is there safe and is busy busy.

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