Wednesday, February 10, 2010

A morning of Goodbye's

This is how you pack for 27 months overseas
Sister LOVE
Mother & Daughters

This is Summer again (I know, I know, the disappointment!!) I just wanted to post a few pictures we took of Erin before we took her to DIA for the beginning of her journey to Africa. There may or may not have been some tears shed during these pictures, I couldn't rightly say. If there were tears I blame mom (and don't let her tell you otherwise!)

We have not heard from Erin since her first phone call to let us know she arrived. I will update this blog with any information we receive from her but at this point we are not sure when that will be. Hopefully at some point she will be able to her blog over again (as that is her intention if she is able.)

Lalani Kahle ("goodnight" in zulu)


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